Nutrition Assessments

Doing a nutrition assessment is like being a detective. At Beansprout Nutrition we look at all the evidence to come up with a final decision. This evidence includes finding out about your typical eating habits, daily activities, and any blood work completed by your doctor.“As a dietitian, I look at all the evidence and use that to come up with my final decision.”


Once we have compiled all the information we would come up with an appropriate nutrition plan.

For children, this evidence also includes a their growth and development to date. By reviewing all of these parameters and comparing them to set standards and guidelines we can see if a child is getting the appropriate nutrition for optimal growth and development.

Assessments are available for adults, children, or can involve the whole family. The benefit of assessing the whole family is that together we can come up with a plan that suits the needs of the family as a whole as well as each individual within the family. (See family counseling)

Another added benefit is that Beansprout Nutrition comes to you. We will plan a time that suits both our schedules and do a home visit. If coming to you is not possible we also offer email, phone and Skype consultations.

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